Potty Training Is Not Easy

Let me start off by saying, we started training Lucas to use the potty at less than 2 years old! Yes, that is correct, Lucas started going on his baby potty at just under 2.  Oh that’s great, right? Wrong! He is about to turn 4 on March 25th and he’s still not fully potty trained.

Don’t let the books, videos, best friend’s mom’s advice make you think that it’s easy, or that you are crazy… potty training is not easy!

… especially with little boys!

We’ve bought the following:

  1. Books
  2. Multiple potties
  3. Two potty watches
  4. Potty timer
  5. Every type of boy’s underwear
  6. M&M’s

You name it, we bought it.

Honestly, the one tip of advice that I’ve received that has actually helped is; when he is ready to use the potty, he will use the potty. 

Well, here we are, just 2 weeks away from his birthday, and look who decided to start going “balls” aka poop, on the potty? Sure enough, once we stopped the nagging, and just let him figure it out on his own, he began asking to use the potty.

Yes, he is still having a few accidents, especially when he gets tired, but it has gotten so much better!

One funny thing… he loves to use the potty when we are out running errands.  I don’t care if we have to visit every potty in New Jersey.  As long as he wants to go and is going, I will take him.

I will continue to keep you guys updated on Lucas’ potty journey.

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