Working mom + (1) 4 year old + (1) 2 year old + husband works nights =

Finish this equation:

Working mom + (1) 4 year old + (1) 2 year old + husband works nights =

Mommy Needs a Break!

Ever heard of mom guilt? Yes, it is real. And I certainly have it.

On most days, I am out of the house from 8:30a-5:30p at work. For me, it means that I’m missing nine hours with my kids each day.

Cue the Mom guilt… So the last thing I want to do is be away from them even longer than that in a given week.

But is this really fair? Or really, is it healthy that we are holding back from “me” time because we want to be the “best mom” possible?

This is something I’ve really tried to work on in 2018. From making brunch plans with my friends, getting my nails done every few weeks, and having hubby and me time.

We are lucky. My in-laws and my parents are pretty flexible with watching my kids for a few hours so I can get back to being “Danielle” again.

Remember you were [First Name] before you became a mom. While we try to give our kids the world, we need to make sure we don’t lose ourselves in the process.

Even if it’s a quick Target run just to clear your head (and spend $100+), that can be your recharge time.

Being the best you, will help you be the best mom!

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