Diapers on a Budget

After having Madison, we officially had 2 under 2.  That’s twice the pee, twice the poop, and yes, twice the diapers.

Having one baby is not cheap, can you imagine two at the same time?

Here are my tips I’ve learned over the years for scoring some great deals on diapers:

  1. Try Target’s brand: I’m a huge fan of Target’s diapers.  I’ve used their regular diapers, night-time diapers, and pull-ups on my kids.  They actually seem to hold up better than some of the name brand diapers and they are a whole lot cheaper! Like I said, try them.  They may really surprise you.
  2. Get a BJ’s membership: BJ’s is one of few club stores that not only has their own coupons on diapers, but they take manufacturer coupons as well.  Combine the two types of diaper coupons and you can save bank! I try to stock up on these opportunities.
  3. Skip the “crawling/moving” diapers: It took me until our second to start looking at the cost-per-diaper.  (Don’t think about it too hard, because it will want to make you vomit.  Sorry, I digress).  Anyway, if you take a look at the cost-per for these specialty diapers, there is a significant difference.   And believe me, it’s not worth it.  Stick to the plain/regular type.

7 Replies to “Diapers on a Budget”

    1. Thanks! Honestly, I’ve signed up for both Pampers and Huggies rewards, but I never seem to get anywhere with the points. I always seem to forget to submit the code before I throw away the packaging.

  1. Thanks for the advice! I was neurotic and compared diapers for days while pregnant with my first to get best cost, best quality and environmentally friendly. The prices make me sad each time I change a diaper 😂

  2. Target brand is my favorite! I used to do Huggies/Pampers with my first son, but by the time he was almost out of them started trying Target. That’s all we use with my youngest!

    1. Same here! I wish I would have learned this before I had my first. But at least we eventually get it together 😃

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