10 Tips for Cruising With an Infant

While cruising with a baby sounds difficult, it doesn’t actually have to be.  Here are my top 10 tips for cruising with an infant based on experience:

  1. Look out for “3rd and 4th passenger free” deals. Yes, they do exist and I’ve experienced them on both Royal Carribean and NCL. Why pay for an infant who doesn’t even take up space when they can cruise with you for nearly free? I say “nearly” because you will need to check on the port charges and possible taxes that are still due.
  2. Bring your own diapers, baby food, and formula. The cruise lines allow you to bring all of this with you onto the ship. Just make sure to put a luggage tag on each box.
  3. If you are leaving and coming back to the same port (with the USA), you do not need a passport for your child. Double check with your cruise line, but normally if you are doing just that, you will just need their birth certificate.
  4. If your child is ready for a booster seat, bring your own. Most ships only have high-chairs.
  5. Bring a lite-weight umbrella stroller. As you can image, your stateroom is not very big. An umbrella stroller is a perfect size to fit under your bed and still around the ship easily.
  6. Traveling with friends/family? Get connecting rooms. This is perfect for getting ready or if you are so lucky to have some extra hands.
  7. Use ziplock bags to pack your child’s clothes and label each bag for the particular day. Again, the room is small, so this will make storage a breeze and take the guess-work out of picking out outfits each day.
  8. Do you normally feed your child powder formula and mix in water? Don’t worry! You can still bring the powder with you and water as well. Just make sure to label both with a luggage tag.
  9. Bring travel bottle cleaner, a bottle brush, and a drying mat. I cleaned the day’s bottles each night in the bathroom and left them to dry on a drying mat on the desk at night. They normally dried overnight.
  10. Looking to bring your baby into the pool? Double check that the cruise line allows babies with swim diapers into the pool. For health reasons, many lines have stopped allowing swim diapers in the pools. Check with your cruise line prior, as you may save some room packing if you can’t bring swim diapers.

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