Bye Bye Paci!

It’s been a long time coming, but we are finally pacifier free in our house.

Madison was obsessed! To a point where she only liked a certain brand that cost over $5 for only a two pack, and not to mention it wasn’t easy to find.

I once ordered over $50 worth of pacifiers on Amazon to get us through a couple of weeks!

We knew it was time to get rid of her “paci” when she was continuously biting them and then throwing them into the garbage because they were “blah”. That’s it!

How did we do it?

We stopped buying new ones. We told Maddie that this was the last one because Mickey said we can’t bring them to see him. (We are going to Disney World in October).

… and it worked 🤗

I was dreading taking them away but it kind of just happened on its own. However, I have heard of one great suggestion:

Bring your child to the toy store and tell them they can redeem their pacifier for a new toy. Literally, the parent even got the cashier involved. I love it! If Madison didn’t give it up that easily, this was our next try.

One down with diapers and the other done with pacifiers. Woo hoo!

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